Looking around Wawa.¬†Wawa is beautiful…
How beautiful? Enjoy the photos below – and feel free to send DiscoverWawa your photos as you explore our area!

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Beautiful sunrise on Wawa Lake captured this morning (July 24) via my iPhone!
Carol Sanders of Wawa sent these photograps of Wawa Lake

Carol Sanders - Early Morning Serenity

Carol Sanders – Early Morning Serenity















Yoga on a Stand-up-Paddleboard. Naturally Superior Adventures is offering SUP courses this summer on Wawa Lake. This is a great way to try out a new sport, and I have been reassured that they are far more stable than you would think!



The wild strawberries are ripe! You have to look closely to see them, and they are much, much smaller than the farmed types. But they are the best! (Brenda Grundt, Wawa, July 16, 2013)