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Screen_Shot_2012-06-15_at_2.22.43_PMValerie Palmer

One of Wawa’s most successful artists, is a very private lady. She lives on the shore of Lake Superior, and its influence can be seen in her work which is very finely detailed.

Loch Gallery ( displays and sells her paintings. The image to the right is from Loch Gallery. Click here to see more of her work at the gallery.


The Mission Church

The Mission Church

Joanie Clement

Joanie has been painting oils of the Wawa area since her late teens. Some of the best received paintings have been of the Old Catholic Church – Mission, and of Government Dock Beach.


Joanie still paints, although infrequently. She has been spending her summers renovating Fort Friendship much to the delight of Wawa residents, past and current.

Sanders “Blue Eagle Gallery”

Self taught, Carol paints with acrylics, and features “dot painting”, a technique that she has mastered to her fan’s delight. She is inspired not only by Australian First Nations artists, but by Canadian First Nations artists.


She often holds “Open Houses” so watch for announcements.


Carol is not only a painter, she is a fascinating writer. The Fairies, Mia Pilana, The Fairy in the Bell Tower, The 13th Planet, and The Ravens of Gor”.


Jim Sanders

Jim has been potting for years, using clays from Lake Superior to create some of the most exquisite glazes. In the past few years, Jim has begun a new style of pottery for him, Lake Superior Tiles. Inspired by the views from “Harbour Pottery” at Michipicoten Harbour, Jim creates a freeform shape tile representing various views of Lake Superior Shoreline!

Ron Hale:

Ron creates local landscapes sketched on clay tiles, stained and then glazed.


Spike Mills

Spike is a new and upcoming sculpture and writer. He has created sculptures from local cedar, called “Goommees”. 

Kitchen Goodies

Judy Moore:

A favourite at the spring and fall By-Hands, Judy Moore creates a variety of jams, pickles, and other fresh baked goods. She also has a variety of handmade sterling silver jewellery.

Salamander Farms:

Salamander Farms is based on St. Joseph’s Island, but they bring their organic jam, jellies, preserves, and pickles back to Wawa for the By Hands Festivals. They are a treat!

Unique Creations

Peter Burgoyne “Reflections in Nature”:

Pete creates lovely mirrors in recycled frames. Each pane has a handpicked, dried flower arrangement, embedded in resin. Some of the recycled frames include old windows, doors and Pete has has even used old snowshoes as frames.

Annette Morrison “Cheewawamomma”

Annette reates unique and sometimes hilarious works of mixed media. From explorations in crochet, to funky dolls, and now jewellery, Annette’s art is a treat for the eyes.

Non-Fiction Books:

Agawa Rock Pictographs

Ontario Parks, Lake Superior Provincial Park (2000)

Niijiwenhwag – Friends of Lake Superior Park

This phamplet is available at the Agawa Tourist Information Centre, at Agawa Bay. Bilingual it offers a picture and description of all the pictographs found on the cliff.

Heritage Michipicoten

Township of Michipicoten (1979)

The Township of Michipicoten celebrated 25 years of incorporation in 1977. A Canada Works Grant helped launch this book, a project initiated by Bill Coffey to commemorate the anniversary. This booklet contains a collection of essays and stories highlighting Michipicoten’s more popular areas of history.

If These Halls Could Talk

The Story of Michipicoten High School 1954 – 2004

This book was written to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Michipicoten High School.

Lake Superior

by Thomas S.H. Baxter, (1983) by Superior Lore in Wawa, Ont.

Tom Baxter also wrote other books while in Wawa, Quiet Coves and Rocky Highlands (1983) Birding Handbook (1985), and The Digital Forest (1986).

Michipicoten Memories

Michipicoten Heritage Committee (1992)

This book introduces one to the rich and diverse history of the Michipicoten region. The photographs are windows into the past that take you from the early Ojibway presence to the mid-20th century.

Our Favourite Recipes – Northern Credit Union

Northern Credit Union (2007)

The NCU created this book with recipes contributed by staff from communities from Thunder Bay to Arnprior in order to support Habitat for Humanity. Their hope was to raise enough funds to help construct of a home for a deserving family.

Our Favourite Recipes – St. Joseph’s School

St. Joseph’s School (1984)

from the flyleaf…

This book is dedicated to the students, parents, teachers and friends of St. Joseph School. We thank you for your excellent response to our cookbook and hope that you will enjoy our favourite recipes.     January 1984

Over the Years

by Mary Dwyer (1994)

This book is a wonderful collection of poetry written by Mary Foley Dwyer. Born on December 10th, 1902 in Newfoundland, she came to Wawa as a teacher (1949) working at Sir James Dunn and then St. Joseph’s School. She retired in 1968 and then returned to a teaching position at Sault College – Wawa for five more years.

Road to Riches – Wawa Heritage Tour 01

This booklet takes its readers from Government Dock (Lake Superior), travels along the Harbour Road, Michipicoten River Village Road, Highway 17 to Wawa, and up to the Drill Rig on Broadway Avenue at Lion’s Beach.

Spirits on Stone, The Agawa Pictographs

Thor Conway and Julie Conway (ISBN-10: 1878094009)

Spirits on Stone examines the pictographs of Agawa Rock, located along the north shore of Lake Superior in Canada. The authors use oral history collected from the descendents of the original shaman artists to present the pictographs in their cultural setting. The book is not only a guide to the Agawa Pictograph Site, but it is an important ethnographic record of Ojibwa shamanism.

A Pinch of Time

A Michipicoten Family Heritage Book (1998)

compiled by the Township of Michipicoten Heritage Committee

“This cookbook is a unique record of our community’s unique and varied culinary tastes and backgrounds. Just as each recipe consists of a collection of specific ingredients, so too does Wawa and the Michipicoten community consist of a rich collection of cultures and family histories.”

Johanna Rowe

Dunn Dishes

by the Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation (2010)

from the book…

“This cookbook is dedicated to our past, present and future donors, who help enhance health care one donation at a time. We would like to thank everyone who contributed their delicious recipes. This cookbook could not have been published without them. As well, thank you to everyone who purchased a cookbook. All funds raised will go towards enhancing health care at the Lady Dunn Health Centre.”

The Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation’s latest campaign is a fundraising cookbook. The cookbook titled, “Dunn Dishes” consists of 150 delicious recipes that were generously provided by Community Members and Foundation Supporters. Retail price for the cookbook is $10, with all proceeds going towards enhancing healthcare. Recipes are simple to recreate. But then again like recipe submitter Doris Binda stated, “If all else fails order takeout.”

Favourite Recipes from Past to Present – Hawk Junction Reunion

Hawk Junction Reunion Committee (2008)

This collection of recipes from a very colourful and unique community was printed in 2008, the year of the Hawk Junction Homecoming! This community that was always just a small town, but shares it’s rich cooking heritage in this book.

Treasured Recipes

Local Association of Girl Guides & Brownies, Michipicoten District, Wawa, Ontario (mid 70’s)

This book not only has good recipies just like any other, but what is fascinating is the advertising within. Names like Soo Mill, Mel-ere, Han’s Meat Market, Julie’s Self-Service Laundry (featuring the new Dial-a-matic by Matag), Wawa Cable Vision, Circle-S Ranch in the Mission, Kerr’s Style Shop, Rhondo’s Beauty Boutique, and Bowl-a-way Lanes on Mission Road.

The Alphabet ATJ

A collection of Columns according to Jean (1997)

Jean Roberts wrote a series of column in the Algoma News Review, for editor Gloria Avis, and Bob Avis the publisher. These columns kept everyone laughing every week, as Jean shared her unusual take on things!

This book was printed as part of Wawa 100th Birthday celebrations, with Jean generously donating 10% of each book’s sale to the Michipicoten Library.

Through Our Eyes – Volumes 1 thru 12

from the foreword…

“Through Our Eyes” is a long overdue project. It records some of the memories and recollections of a small number of elders in our community willing to share their past. They can be justifiably proud of their accomplishments and contributions to the growth and develoipment of our unique Northern Ontario town.

This project was initialized to commemorate 1999 as the International Year of the Older Person, and the Centennial Year of Wawa.”

Led by Grace

Led by Grace: In the Beginning

by Sandra M. Lowe

Sandra is a new author who has shared her journey of learning to know herself in this the first of eight parts. This is a book that will be read again and again to understand her meditations and interpretations.

My Life in the Shadow of the Goose

by Karin Grundt

Karin is not a stranger to writing. For years she has had a column in the local papers chronicling her work as a “Garbologist”. Now she takes a different tack, in some heart rending and joyful vignettes as she says “my life in the shadow of the Goose.” 



Meeting at Fort Friendship

Wawa Goose – Meeting at Fort Friendship

by Raymond MacDonnell

In the first book, WawaGoose meets with his friends at Fort Friendship, Annie the Owl, Jack the Bear, Captain C. Gull, Clarence the Crow, Henri L’Orignal, Jacques LeLoup and Mabou. Together they talk about various locations that Wawa residents and ex-pats will remember with relish, and visitors will enjoy discovering these spots for theirselves.





Wawa Goose – Maggie Doodle “Loony Loons & Crazy Critters”

by Raymond MacDonnell

Join Maggie Doodle as she meets some loony loons at Wawa Lake. Read and laugh along as they dream up some really crazy critters.


bookcover.jpgMystery of Goommee Island

by Spike Mills

“The Mystery of Goomee Island” gives readers a chance to experience the soul and character of Lake Superior. This is a small book that brings to readers a big adventure geared for children and adults alike. The story begins on the shore of Lake Superior with two endearing children Molly and Jack who end up on an adventure out on the big water they wouldn’t have dared to dream up.

Silver – Williard Smith

R. A. Scully:

The High Wizard Of SilvineshThe High Wizard Of Silvinesh (Book 1)

Come and discover the wondrous world of Silvinesh! The HWS is the first book of this planned trilogy. It follows Alentia Silverblade and her dear grandfather William, as they desperately struggle to find a way to save their crumbling world. A link to dragonkind, a three hundred year old message and a magical Tome of White Wizardry, all hold the key and will soon unlock the secrets of the past. (

Cold Winter's MagicCold Winter’s Magic (Book 2)

It has been six long months since Alentia escaped through the Plane of Fire with Erik, and the icy grip of winter has taken hold of all of Silvinesh. Will the light of Silvinesh ever shine again, or is this magical world about to slip into the dark embrace of eternal night. (

Shimmer of Silver Sorcery (Book 3)

The dark secrets of the past, shadowing the hearts and minds of the brave heroes, all come to light. Betrayal and treachery, key to every decision and the dire consequences that will follow. In the end, the greatest battle will come within each of them, their actions, shaping the futures and fortunes of all. Shimmer of Silver Sorcery is the third book of the first trilogy of the Silvinesh Series, concluding the story of William and Alentia that started with The High Wizard of Silvinesh and Cold Winter’s Magic. (