Heritage Corner

DSCF9194In 2010, Heritage Corner across from the Drill Rig at LIon’s Beach was created.

Long-time residents will remember this spot as being the Lazahof apartments, until it was bought by the Municipality and demolished. Today it serves as a beautiful little park furnished with six pieces of mining equipment representing Wawa’s rich mining heritage that were restored by Mr. Desrochers of Hawk Junction. The pieces include a Slusher Scraper, Athey Wagon, Hoist – Sunrise Mine, Citadel Mine’s Lunch Whistle & Powder Car, and a Sinking Bucket from the Parkhill & Pursides/Citadel Mine.

Another feature is the continuation of the Heritage Doors Project with artist Heather Sinnott. There are a number of doors, lining the pathway to the center of the small park.