There are many waterfalls in the area. One of the best to visit is Magpie High Falls. With a roofed over shelter, grassy area, and hiking trail up to the top of the waterfalls – it is the most scenic!

DSCF1529-high falls springMagpie High Falls:


In 1989, The Rotary Club of Wawa under the direction of then President, John Morrision, created this park.

Originally the entrance was at the top of the falls, which forced visitors to walk down the trail in order to see the falls from the base.

John recognized the value of developing a scenic area at the base of the falls, and Great Lakes Power assisted in expanding this idea and making it reality. A roofed over pavillion was created to provide shelter for picnicking visitors, and illustrative displays showed the history of the falls and the importance of the Magpie River to the history of Wawa.


DSCF1552-silver falls springSilver Falls:

To visit Silver Falls, you should drive down the Michipicoten River Road¬†(7km south of Wawa), and when you reach the stop sign turn right, you will drive over the Wawa Creek Bridge and then come to a “t”, turn left. In about 2 kilometres you will see the Magpie River Bridge¬†and parking to the right.