Area Beaches

Wawa Lake Beaches

Dr. Rose’s Beach
This is the most popular beach in Wawa, featuring a playset, picnic tables and benches for those who wish to sit and watch the sunrise! This beach faces east, down the length of Wawa Lake. Note: this is an unguarded beach.

Lion’s Beach
Located beneath the Joy Drill Rig on Broadway Avenue, Lion’s Beach is the ideal place to sit at the lookout and enjoy the view. The beach beneath features grass, just perfect for that picnic that allows the kids to play in the water!

Lake Superior Beaches

DSCF7027-Government DockGovernment Dock Beach:

On Lake Superior this small sand and cobble beach features very deep water within steps of the shore. Beautiful waves can be seen here when the wind is right.


sunset-govdoc-DSCF4556Spectacular sunsets have been photographed here, with the rocks on the right in the foreground. The lighthouse at Perkwakwia Point can be seen from this beach!
This beach is part of the “Signs of History Tour”.


Sandy Beach:
DSCF6708-Sandy BeachA striking beautiful beach framed by cliffs of craggy rock to the right. This beach faces south west and is perfect for sunbathing with the right wind conditions. Please note that this is an unguarded beach and certain wave conditions may create an undertow.
This is the new Interpretative Pavillion built to celebrate Michipicoten First Nation and Lake Superior.

Driftwood Beach:

Part of Michipicoten Post Provincial Park, this beach features beautiful sand. If you stroll north along the beach you can walk to the spit at the mouth of the Michipicoten River. Be careful the currents at the mouth are very strong and dangerous!

Old Woman Beach:

DSCF4323-oldwomanPart of Lake Superior Provincial Park, Old Woman is a popular destination for residents of Wawa and visitors during the summer months. In the spring, fishermen enjoy fishing for Steelhead.

You can sit and watch the waves and clouds, or hike Nokomis trail for some superb lookouts over Old Woman Bay and the Old Woman River.